To advance the spiritual, mental, physical and social welfare of women

To follow the Biblical teaching on practicing Biblical hospitality, Hong Kong YWCA (“the Association”) had launched its first hostel service for working women since its establishment in 1920. In response to the drastic changing needs of the society and to advance the spiritual, mental, physical and social welfare of women, the Association has continuously offered safe and comfortable accommodation service for women and their families.

To affiliate with the World Young Women’s Christian Association, and promotion of YWCA Movement

As a member association of the World YWCA, the Association has, throughout the years, built and maintained a close rapport with other YWCAs in different cities and countries through organizing various kinds of activities such as service exchange activities, visits, trainings and international conferences. In addition, accommodation has been provided to our overseas guest speakers, guests and members when they came to Hong Kong to attend the above activities. Recently, warm reception had been offered to members from YWCAs of China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Canada, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia and Thailand, etc.

To advance the social welfare of the Hong Kong community

In order to advance the social welfare development of Hong Kong community, besides providing lodging services, the Association also offers various training and employment opportunities:

  • Internship programmes, on the job training and various job opportunities are offered to the underprivileged, youth, new immigrants, women with low educational level and seniors.
  • To align with the career planning service and internship programmes launched by the Association and other educational institutions, group visits are arranged for young people who are inspired to pursue a career in hospitality industry, to familiarize them with the industry development and to acquire related knowledge for their future career development.
  • Partnership are established with other social welfare organizations, voluntary groups, charitable organizations and church groups, coupled with the hosting of activities such as educational workshops, forum, trainings, conference and provision of related accommodation and event site service.
  • Accommodation is provided to meet the needs of the disadvantaged in the community, especially women in adversity and youth in need of timely temporary accommodation while encountering difficulties in life.

To promote Christian ideals and learnings

Gospel are shared and preached through regular hosting of various evangelical gatherings including bible study, bible lectures and devotion groups; guests are also welcome to make use of the Bible and other Christian publications available at the guest rooms. To show our concern and respond to the social needs, the Association welcomes various Christian bodies and churches to use our accommodation service for organizing seminars, studies and exchange programmes with an aim to promoting the development of Christian ministries both locally and globally.

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